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    Testing Facilities

    Quality Assurance

    • Well defined quality program which addresses the process controls and the inspection norms to ensure that the product meets the requirements of the customer.
    • In-house laboratory equipped with relevant testing facilities to deliver product as per applicable national/international/customer requirements.
    • Periodic review of the quality systems for the need to check suitability and required modifications for improvement to enhance customer satisfaction.
    • Collaboration with NABL accredited laboratories for support.
    • Focus on new product development.
    • Committed and dedicated team to deliver products made to exacting specifications as defined by the customer.

    Testing Facilities

    Testing Quality
    • Radioactivity : Portable Radiation Meter to check the radioactivity contamination in incoming scrap / metal.
    • Chemical Testing : By Spectrometer and Wet analysis.
    • Macrostructure Examination : Determination for as-cast billets.
    • Mechanical Testing : Tensile Testing with Electronic Extensometer, Hardness (BHN, HRB, HRC), Impact Test (Charpy and IZOD).
    • Metallurgical Testing : Inclusion (purity) check, Decarb, Grain size, Microstructure, Spherodization %, Delta Ferrite content, Phase Analysis by Carl Zeiss Microscope with Image Analyzer.
    • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
      • Magnetic Particle Testing : For Martensitic Stainless Steel, Carbon and Alloy Steels and Special Steels.
      • Fluorescent Liquid Penetrant Test : For Austenitic Stainless Steel for checking surface imperfections.
      • Ultrasonic Test : As per DIN / ASTM international standard / customer requirement.
    • Surface Roughness : Portable Surface Roughness measurement Machine.
    • Straightness Measurement : Straightness measurement arrangement with dial guage for TIR Value.
    • Anti-mixup Test : 100% material is tested for anti-mix-up.
    • Test Certificate : As per requirement.